Vancouver Island Life

seo-victoria-bcVancouver Island is beautiful. It is like a slice of heaven on earth. There are few places that you can go to and find oceans, mountains, marshes, lakes, rivers, and beaches. As you can imagine, the biology is also just as diverse. There are species that you can find on Vancouver Island that you cannot find anywhere else on earth. Finding a tourism marketing company is becoming easier than ever as the industry is quickly becoming one of Vancouver Islands leading industries, with new tourism marketing programs becoming available all the time at campuses such as UVIC. Special thanks to local Victoria search engine optimization company Siren Consulting who is a major sponsor of Mangabey, and helped us SEO optimize our website at no charge.

Vancouver Island marmot

There is an animal that is found only high up on the mountains of Vancouver Island. It was once hunted to near extinction, and in 1990 the rescue process began. Now there are several that are being bred in captivity. This animal is the Vancouver Island Marmot. Basically, the marmot is a type of squirrel. It gets to a maximum of 70 cm, or about the size of a housecat. This animal hibernates during the winter. They are generally solitary animals, but you can find some small families in the wild.

Victoria BC Island Marine Life

vancouver-island-marketing-agencyYou can find some great species of marine life all over the island. You can join a whale watching expedition to see the species of whales that call the island home, including killer whales. You can dolphins and fish in the ocean. Venture more inland to the marshes and view the frogs, fish, crabs, and reptiles that you can only see right there. It is a whole ecosystem that is fascinating to visit and learn about.

While you are taking in the wildlife be sure to take in the aquarium. You will be delighted to see the penguins that they house. Not to mention all the wonderful information that you can pick up off the staff. Learn whether whales travel alone, how far they travel, and so much more. It is an opportunity that you would not want to miss, no matter what age you are.

Vancouver Island Plant life

seo-victoria-vancouver-island-bcVancouver Island has a wide variety of eatable wild plants. There are close to 100 different varieties that you can pick and eat including asparagus, water cress, and cat nip. Find some great new recipes to cook up some new plants that you may have never heard of like, bear grass, bed straw, or coltsfoot. Some of the best herbal remedies come right here on this island.

Whether you are native to the island, an import, or just a visitor you will be amazed at everything there is to learn. From beautiful plants to highlight your gardening skills to the neat animals you cannot find anywhere else, Vancouver Island will enrich your life and teach you more than you would ever expect.